Day Care

Our PhotoHighwood Kennels Day-care is a great solution for dog owners who are away during the day. Dogs get to enjoy a safe, healthy and fun atmosphere, both with other dogs and with people. Dogs can participate in play groups, play games and have fun with their dedicated carers. The point is that they’re not at home for long periods by themselves. We offer two specifically tailored day-care packages.

Extended (Alton Towers) Day Care

Take advantage of our extended hours package for dropping off and collecting your dog so you can take advantage of the park’s later opening hours without having to rush back or leave your dog overnight.

Our aim for our Alton Towers day care package is to ensure that your dog has a fun and rewarding day with us giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your day at Alton Towers.

Our extended drop off and collection hours are between 7.30am-10am and collection between 4.00pm-8.00pm.